All Hail the Hemp Seed!

Hail the many virtues of the hemp seed.

Versatility is such a valuable trait. When it comes to your better health, there’s a versatile solution that’s right at your fingertips, only you may not know it. As such, we feel it only right to hail the many virtues of the hemp seed.

What’s Hemp?

Hemp, according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, is defined as a tall widely cultivated Asian herb (with) a tough bast fiber. As it is a distinct variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, hemp often times gets (wrongly) lumped in with marijuana and marijuana culture. However, it turns out that the seed is able to get by independently, thanks to…

1) a variety of beneficial uses

2) the fact that it has negligible to zero measurable levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), the psychoactive compound that’s found in marijuana.

The key takeaway to remember here is that hemp/hemp seed is not a drug.

Uses of Hemp

There are actually four main commodities owing their existence to the hemp seed’s versatility; most of them involve hemp seed nutrition. They include:

  • The actual (whole) seed itself. These are consumed on the strength of their protein and fiber content.
  • The shelled seed.
  • Hemp seed oil (which contains essential fatty acids or EFAs).
  • Hemp Protein Powder/Hemp Flour. Hemp Protein Powder achieves 50% protein concentration while its 33% variety is considered Hemp Flour.

Hemp at the Gym

Bodybuilders in general and vegan bodybuilders, in particular, will want to take note of hemp protein powder’s impressive nutritional profile. This type of plant-based protein comes with:

  • 20 amino acids
  • nine essential amino acids (e.g., those that your body is unable to produce on its own).
  • A higher amount of healthy omega fatty acids (plus fiber) than many non-hemp-based protein powders

For those concerned with taste, you’ll also want to note that hemp protein powder won’t shock your taste buds (in fact it comes with a faintly nutty flavor).

Other Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Of course, the aforementioned versatility of the hemp seed means that its benefits hardly stay limited to the gym. There may even be potential for hemp-seed-based-therapy.

At the outset of their introduction to a study on the health benefits of hemp seed, researchers Delfin Rodriguez-leyva and Grant Pierce note its excellent nutritional value. More specifically, they characterize the seed as being  “a rich … source of the polyunsaturated fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid”— which is important when it comes to inhibiting inflammatory responses in the body.

The study also references hempseed as being a rich source of linoleic acid. There’s evidence that dietary intake of this essential fatty acid (EFA)—also known as omega-6—decreases total cholesterol, contributes to the prevention and control of high blood pressure, and (possibly) even reduces a person’s risk for coronary disease.

Researchers conclude by allowing for the possibility of hemp-seed-based-therapeutic intervention and the potential for it to have a positive effect on any of a number of diseases, be they immunological, dermatological, or neurodegenerative.

Healing with Hemp Seed

So what does the future hold when it comes to healing with hemp seed? To be sure, the herb has already been applied to a wide-variety of cases in which people were looking to improve their health. They include cancer patients, those experiencing hypertension, arthritis, and more. In your quest for better health, you’ll want to keep up with all the latest evidence regarding the hemp seed’s healing properties.

For a sweet way to begin incorporating hemp seed into your diet, try our Omega Mixed Berry Smoothie. It’s ready in 5-10 minutes and is chock full of fiber, vitamins, brain-boosting antioxidants, and more.

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