The Top 7 Best Blenders for 2019

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You don’t look into fitness and healthy eating long before you suddenly become deeply interested in high-quality blenders. Whether you’re making homemade fruit and veggie smoothies to up your whole food nutrient consumption, or you need a blender to whip your preferred protein powder into a delicious pre- or post-workout shake, a good blender quickly becomes invaluable. We’ve done some digging and found the best blenders for 2019 so you can choose between the most tried-and-true, up-to-date models.

The Different Types of Blending Appliances

Before we begin with some of our brand recommendations, it may be best to ask yourself what kind of blender you’d prefer: countertop, handheld, or a food processor?

  • Countertop blenders: The countertop blenders on the market tend to be larger and more powerful than smaller handheld ones, so you can blend together a greater amount of food or liquid, crush ice, and use thicker, stickier substances like nut butters.
  • Hand blenders: Handheld immersion blenders are the wand-like ones that you can dunk into pots of hot soup or cups of smoothie ingredients to blend or purée your food right where you want it. These are sometimes better for those who have a smaller kitchen.
  • Food processors: If you want a variety of options when it comes to quickly chopping your food (grate, slice, shred, chop, and blend), a food processor can cover all the bases, though it may need more help fully liquefying foods.

And don’t forget the juicer. If you primarily want to juice your foods or know that you won’t go long between juice cleanses, you may want to either purchase a juicer alongside a blender, or look into ways of making juice without a juicer.

The Different Types of Blending Appliances

The Top 7 Best Blenders for 2019

We have a quick review of the top-of-the-line countertop blenders for 2019. Whether you’re making frozen drinks, milkshakes, or a simple kale and fruit smoothie, you want a powerful blender that won’t burn out on you. Here are some of the best blenders available and their key features.

1. The Explorian Blender (Vitamix)

Vitamix blenders are well-known for a reason, though they are also pretty expensive at the Explorian’s professional-grade level. This model has an extremely powerful motor with 10 variable speed settings and a heavy duty base to really anchor it to your countertop.

Whether you’re making margaritas, milkshakes, or grinding up your own coffee beans, the only downsides to this high-end blender is that it can only hold 6 cups, and, of course, the steep price. Other Vitamix models will bring you similar quality. Check into their certified reconditioned products in case you have your heart set on a Vitamix 5200 but just can’t spend nearly $400 on getting it.

2. XL Blast Drink Machine (Black + Decker)

Speaking of budget blenders, you may just need a more affordable option right now, as in less than $100. This Black + Decker (formerly Black & Decker) is a high-performance personal blender at a fraction of the cost of our first choice. It’s able to whip up fibrous vegetable concoctions for green smoothies and has an 8-cup capacity for puréeing frozen fruit.

Not only is this one of the best budget blenders we’ve come across, but it’s also dishwasher-safe for cleaning and comes with a measuring cup and koozie as bonus items.

3. Magic Bullet Blender (Magic Bullet)

Magic Bullet brand kitchen appliances are smaller-sized, single-serving smoothie blenders, incredibly convenient for those with small kitchens and limited counter space who want a blender, but don’t want to compromise with a handheld model.

Along the same lines as the NutriBullet, though often sold at a much more affordable price, these little high-performance blenders are still a popular holiday gift every year. They don’t come with the highest quality stainless steel blades and may need to be replaced more often than other brands, but they do have lids and sip-tops so you can go straight from blending to drinking without dirtying another cup.

4. Ninja Professional Blender (Ninja)

With a powerful 1,100 watt motor, Ninja’s professional model comes with 1 large pitcher and bonus on-the-go cups, all of which are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. This Ninja blender not only has a single-serve set function for added convenience, but also has a self-cleaning program. You seriously can’t go wrong with a Ninja.

5. Ace 60 Cooking Blender (Instant Pot)

The Instant Pot Ace Cooking Blender is an ideal model for creating your own rich soups because it can both heat food and blend! Above and beyond that, this model also has food processing features for making nut milk, purées, and homemade ice cream. While it’s not the best at crushing ice, the fact that you can heat the contents of this blender up to 200 °F is an incredibly unique feature that may be worth your buck.

6. Fresh & Furious Blender (Breville)

This Breville blender comes with pre-programmed settings that can take the guesswork out of blending for those who are new to smoothie-making. It has the versatility to both smoothly blend ice cream and milkshake mixtures, plus the strength and speed to chop up coffee beens as well. Just be sure to keep your hands on this blender as it works (a piece of advice we recommend for all on this list—best not to walk away from those spinning blades). It’s so powerful it may skitter across the counter from you!

7. Pro Line Series Blender (KitchenAid)

One of the pricier options on this list, you nevertheless get all of the top features with this professional-grade blender. With a self-cleaning cycle, this model also comes with thermal control and an outstanding 10-year warranty and pre-programmed settings for juice, smoothies, and soups, plus it’s dishwasher safe. With such a lengthy warranty, the money you spend is protected for a decade of use, so it may be worth the investment.

Amazing, Trail-Blazing Blenders

So now you have a basic guide on some of the best personal blenders on the market. You may have a choice or even a preference when it comes to glass or plastic blenders—just make sure if you choose plastic that it’s BPA-free and strong enough to withstand high-speed blades.

If you worry about spending so extravagantly on a kitchen appliance, there are many that offer anywhere between 2- and 10-year warranties to help provide you with peace of mind. If you’ve had good experiences with other brands like Oster or Cuisinart, trust your gut and check out all the reviews available to find the best-quality machine for your needs, whether it’s making smoothies with your family or whirling up hardy protein shakes for your workout.

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