Summer in a Smoothie

The Veggie Shake Team

Summer scents are luscious and unforgettable. Think heady florals, succulent fruits, and best of all the fresh, clean smell of a day spent at the beach. With our delicious Summer in a Smoothie, you can enjoy all your favorite summer flavors in a single beverage. The coconut milk, frozen avocado, and banana give this chilly treat a creamy consistency, while cauliflower offers an unexpected burst of nutrition. And the blue spirulina adds a pop of color that will appeal even to the littlest members of your family. Blend up a summer smoothie batch today and enjoy a truly remarkable treat for the tastebuds.

  •  Servings: 1
  •  Ready In: 5 to 10 minutes
  • 3 ounces coconut milk

  • 3 ounces butterfly pea flower tea

  • 1/2 frozen avocado

  • 1 frozen banana

  • 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower

  • 1 teaspoon blue spirulina

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

  1. Add 3 ounces of coconut milk to your blender or food processor.

  2. Add 3 ounces of fresh-brewed butterfly pea flower tea that’s been allowed to cool to room temperature.

  3. Add 1/2 frozen avocado.

  4. Add 1 frozen banana.

  5. Add 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower.

  6. Add 1 teaspoon blue spirulina for color, protein, and vitamin B12.

  7. Add 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

  8. Blend thoroughly until the mixture is smooth and creamy. The time required may vary based on your specific blender model. Then pour the contents into a tall glass.

  9. Enjoy alone or with a loved one.

Health Benefits
  1. Butterfly pea flower tea: turns blue when you steep it in water! It also strengthens hair, nails, and the immune system.

  2. Avocado: heart-healthy avocado is packed with folate, potassium, and vitamins K, C, B5, B6, and E.

  3. Bananas: weight-loss friendly bananas are bursting with essential nutrients for heart and digestive health.

  4. Cauliflower: good for the heart and brain and supports your weight-loss efforts.

  5. Spirulina: is a great source of protein and vitamin B12 for people on a plant-based diet.

Ingredients List